Proposed Location of the Anaheim Sustainability Center:

1300 N. Lakeview Ave.

(Lakeview & Orangethorpe)

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It is not uncommon for these waste digestion facilities to be smelled 1 + Miles away*.

1 mile = 5280 feet  

*Per Lowell MI, residents actual experiences and England residences.

Distance from homes

Anaheim Track Homes

1185 ft  

Nearest Placentia Home

961 ft

Glenview Elementary School

1997 ft

Distance from homes

Nearest Yorba Linda Home 3,221 ft

Nearest Anaheim Home

928 ft

Nearest Lakebed Home

3,524 ft

Nearest Children's Playground

757 ft

OCDE School - Community Home Education Site 

641 ft

Multiple Food & Children & Workout Establishments