TO:  Joseph <>, Craig <>, Chad <>, Rhonda <>, Ward <>, Jeremy <>, Andrew <>, Lesley <>, Jamaar Boyd-Weatherby <>

CC:  Carrie <>, Karen <>, Audra <>, Shawn <>

RE: Atwood Sales Concrete Recycling Facility

Location: 719 S Lakeview Ave, Placentia, CA 92870

Phone: 909-938-1159

This business is negatively affecting my workers and my business. They are a nuisance to my operations. I have lost huge amounts of man hours and potential sick time with employee respiratory illnesses that can be directly or indirectly linked to the amount of silica dust my employees are inhaling. Within my operations the man hours we have spent to continually clean our offices and warehouses has grown tremendously. Our product can not have dust on it if it supposed to be sold as a "New" product, thus requires man hours to clean.


Secondly, there has had to be a complete change to the way we operate our business. We no longer can keep our warehouse doors open and thus we have to continually open and shut the doors when we have to haul out any of our product or load the delivery trucks. This has caused a slow down in shipping and delivery of our product.

We have contacted the city and AQMD regarding the huge amounts of dust and damage this is causing and would like it to end.  We know that Atwood Sales are up for a revocation of their CUP and would like to request extreme caution and reflection of the negative effects they have had on our business in the past as well as the present.  Please reflect on their previous history of not being a good neighbor with regards to their composting facility that stunk up the area and the current health effects of their Gravel/Concrete recycling business.



Business Owner

To: Placentia City Officials and Planning Department

RE: Atwood Sales Concrete Recycling Property
Location: 719 S Lakeview Ave, Placentia, CA 92870
Phone: 909-938-1159

As a current resident of East Anaheim whose home is located to the North East of the Atwood Sales Property I have significant concerns regarding its operations. As stated in its own sales literature, Atwood Sales offers its services as an inert debris recycling site which accepts concrete, asphalt, base, grindings, metal/rebar/wire mesh, sand and rock. Atwood Sales also offers concrete crushing services along with the sale of Class II aggregate base and crushed miscellaneous base.

Specifically, my concerns with Atwood Sales Operations are based upon the following:

First and foremost, my concern emanates from the fact that the Atwood Sales processing site is physically located in an area where the general wind blows to the northeast 80% of the time. This is directly towards our congested nearby residential neighborhoods. This fact was proven as part of an exhaustive wind rose study undertaken by the Anegeria Corporation in support of their attempt to build a large organic recycling plant on a property that is situated directly to the east (on the other side of the Lakeview overcrossing) from the Atwood Sales location. The bottom line is that much of the airborne particulate matter generated by Atwood Sales operations ends up on our roads, roofs, driveways, playgrounds and in our homes.

I am also very concerned as to the makeup of airborne particulate matter generated by Atwood Sales. According to an article written by Jamie Farny for the Portland Cement Association, "Spotting asbestos in concrete products can be difficult. Since the fibers were evenly distributed throughout the concrete mixture and are now set in the hardened matrix, they cannot be seen with the naked eye". He also states in the article, "When renovations to an older building require the removal of asbestos-containing concrete, workers face increased risk of inhaling or ingesting the fibers". When a representative of Atwood Sales was asked at the City's nuisance hearing if the business accepted any asbestos he answered no, and further commented that he knew this was in fact true because of a sign they have posted for the drivers of all incoming loads that they don't accept asbestos. In my opinion anything short of testing for asbestos on all incoming loads is unacceptable.

Two other issues I have with the business is the fact that they claimed, at the nuisance hearing, that they do everything possible to act as a good corporate citizen when ,in fact, their actions point me to a different conclusion. I have personally witnessed them operating late into the night several times with large work lights. They know, just as I have found out, that it is impossible to get the AQMD inspectors out at night to investigate possible violations. Videos taken of these night operations looking through the floodlights really give a good view of how much airborne particulate matter is generated during these night operations . Also, some of the concrete piles at Atwood sales have grown to be what looks to be almost 3 stories high. How can piles of loose concrete this large be located so close to the public sidewalk located next to the facility ? Does this situation comply with city codes for slope and grading so close to a public walkway ?

In conclusion, based upon the above noted issues, I would urge that Use Permit 1981-32 for the property located at 719 Lakeview Avenue be rescinded. Furthermore, I would urge that any future use permits granted for the site be more in line with the types of light industrial and light commercial businesses already in that area. I would also recommend that the city pursue obtaining a lien against the property owner requiring that the property be completely remediated before any future lease or sale.

Thank you,

​Concerned Neighbor


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Joe Lambert | Director of Development Services

City of Placentia,  March 1, 2018


Re: LBC Irwindale, LLC, DBA "Atwood Sales"

Location: 719 S Lakeview Ave, Placentia, CA 92870

Phone: 909-938-1159

Dear Sir:

It would appear that even though Atwood Sales, or LBC Irwindale, LLC has had a revocation of their CUP proposed by the City of Placentia due to becoming a nuisance to the community at the January Hearing, they continue to use the property for taking loads, and Cement Crushing day and night, while negatively impacting the small businesses, residences, and elementary school directly to the north.

In light of the impact of this facility, we are first requesting:

  • The Conditional Use Permit be revoked and a new more relative and neighborhood compliant one be issued.

  • That a complete site Specific EIR be completed in the event their is a remote chance this property could effect the community in any way for the future and presently.

  • That the use of this property conform to the other small businesses in the area with the site making small business building improvements.

We also OPPOSE THE CEMENT RECYCLING FACILITY and any future negative uses of this property for the following reasons (not all-inclusive):

  • The location is in a highly populated area (homes, schools, churches, businesses).

  • The air quality for residents, students, employees, and livestock is adversely affected, if not intolerable and unhealthy. The plant is producing silica dust and possible asbestos(because nothing is tested prior to crushing). No air quality test have been conducted.

  • Property values are adversely affected for local businesses and property owners who have lost tenants due to this nuisance.

  • Trucks traveling down Lakeview and Veterans way have markedly increased traffic on Lakeview. On Lakeview, this has created additional congestion that was to have been relieved by the Lakeview Overpass Project. Heavy concrete loads on that street that are producing wear and tare to the roads.

  • Quality of life has been adversely impacted. Workers near the facility are feeling the affects of the facility and they do not work at the facility. Neighboring communities are having bronchial irritation and the environmental load is affecting their health.


Has the City looked into the expense this has cost other businesses and the possible health effects on businesses and homeowners? I am confident in saying that you and others would not want this business as your next door neighbor.




Best Regards,


A concerned citizen

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